Larry Tackles the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

One Thursday afternoon our Director of Sales (Larry Swart) took being a ‘cool guy’ to a whole new level by participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

My-oh-my that was an excruciatingly LONG pour!

Digital Download Cards

Digital Download CardsWe’ve got another cool new addition to our product line-up for those people who’d like to provide their music in a digital download format, but still have something tangible to sell to fans at gigs.

Namely… Digital Download Cards

One of the biggest complaints about download services such as iTunes is that people are downloading your music but you have to wait to get paid (and sometimes you wait, and wait, and wait) and then you only get a portion of the selling price due to hold-backs and commissions.

With the Digital Download Cards service we’re providing, we like to say it’s all about YOU because:

  • YOU control your music (you can add or delete tracks at any time)
  • YOU determine how much to charge for your music.
  • YOU decide how many tracks can be downloaded.
  • YOU decide if/when the Download Card expires.
  • YOU sell the Download Cards to your fans, thus getting paid up-front.
  • YOU keep all the money.

Questions? Comments? Visit our Surrey, BC office, drop by our website, call or email… we’d be happy to hear from you!


Vinyl Record Pressing And Packaging

Vinyl Record PressingPrecision Disc is very happy to announce that professional vinyl record pressing and custom printed pacakging has now been added to our line of products and services!

We have partnered with the top vinyl record pressing plant in the USA, and then we will be providing all of the print and packaging aspects from our commercial print division here in-house to provide you with the very best in quality, service, and pricing.

As is customary, when you get a webquote from us it will include all the set-ups costs which includes Lacquer Masters, Stampers and even 4 test-pressings for approval. Black vinyl is standard but coloured vinyl options are available!

Introductory offering includes:

  • Lacquer masters and stampers
  • 7″ pressed vinyl records
  • 12″ pressed vinyl records
  • Full colour printed record labels (CMYK)
  • White paper dust-cover sleeves included
  • Four test pressings included

Introductory packaging options:

  • Classic 7″ and 12″ printed record jackets (minimum order for 7″ vinyl is 100 units, minimum order 12″ vinyl is 300 units)
  • Unprinted 7″ and 12″ white cardobard record jackets (minimum order for 7″ and 12″ is 100 units)
  • Clear poly sleeves with printed paper inserts (minimum order for 7″ vinyl is 100 units, minimum order for 12″ vinyl is 300 units)
  • Pre-press and one round of PDF proofs included

If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to give us a call, send an email or drop by in person! We hope that we can be of service to you for all your vinyl record pressing and packaging needs!

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Precision Disc Manufacturing Corp – factory-direct CD DVD manufacturing with eco-friendly print and packaging. As the only CD DVD replication plant in Western Canda we provide you with the best combination of quality, service and price in the market. We are now pleased to also be offering professional vinyl record pressing with eco-packaging and even custom-printed USB memory sticks.

Custom Printed USB Sticks

Custom printed USB SticksPrecision Disc is pleased to announce that we have recently added custom printed USB Sticks to our line of products and services.

With a minimum order requirement of just 100 units, we’ve got a good range of USB Stick styles and memory capacities, all of which can be custom printed to suit your branding needs.

March 2012 features a special offer on the “Swivel” USB style which is displayed here in the photo. Please contact us for pricing!

Change To VIP ‘Free Posters’ Offer

February 17, 2012 Leave a comment

For clients who wish to take advantage of our VIP Program ‘Free Posters’ offer, the poster artwork must be supplied at the time of order.

Please note that once your other project proofs have been approved, artwork for the ‘Free Posters’ offer will not be accepted.

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Custom Printed USB Memory Sticks Now Available

February 9, 2012 Leave a comment

Custom printed USB Memory SticksWe are very pleased to announce the addition of Custom Printed USB Memory Sticks to our line of products and services.

Whether you know them as USB Memory Sticks or USB Flash Drives, we’ve got a variety of popular styles, memory capacities, colours and different printing options. If you’re looking for a particular USB style or spec and you don’t see on our website please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you!

We are currently evaluating additional styles of USB Memory Sticks / USB Flash Drives and will be adding a number of new styles to the website soon!



Order 300 Units … Get 500!

February 1, 2012 Leave a comment

We’re kicking off February with a big bang and the reappearance of a very popular VIP Special Offer: Order 300 units but get 500!

That’s right… order 300 CDs or DVDs in any of our standard Eco-Sleeves or Digipaks and we’ll provide you with 500 units. Orders must be in before the end of the businesss day (4:30 pm Pacific Standard Time) on February 10, 2012.

Want to take advantage of this special offer but won’t have your production assets ready in time? No problem! Place your order and payment before the deadline and we’ll hold the offer open for you so you can supply your order assets when they are ready.

As with all of our CD manufacturing and DVD manufacturing packages, orders of 300 and greater are supplied with:

  • Replicated discs (not duplicated)
  • Full colour on-disc print
  • Durable 15pt eco-friendly boardstock, printed full colour (CMYK 4/0)
  • All set-ups, film, assembly and wrap
  • Pre-press and one round of PDF proofs.

Questions, comments? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!



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