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DVD and CD Disc Recycling Program

dvd cd disc recycling program

DVD CD Disc Recycling Program

DVD and CD Duplication company Precision Disc Manufacturing Corp. has launched a new program to keep your unwanted DVD and CD discs and cases out of your local landfill. With the knowledge that these items are not accepted by most community curbside recycling services, Precision Disc will recycle these materials for you as a part of their existing in-house recycling program.

“It’s a simple yet effective program.” explains the DVD and CD duplication company’s Vice President Bruce Durnie, “I’m not aware of any community-based recycling programs that accept CDs, DVDs and their plastic cases, so what are people doing when they want to get rid of them? If you throw them into the garbage they just end up in your local land-fill. To prevent that from happening you can now send those materials to us and we’ll recycle them through our existing in-house recycling program and channels.”

As a DVD and CD duplication company, Precision Disc Manufacturing Corp. provides factory-direct disc manufacturing services along with a wide range of eco-friendly print and packaging solutions for their clients throughout Canada and the USA.

Durnie continues, “As a company that specializes in DVD and CD duplication we recognize our responsibility to be a good global citizen so we’ve been putting a strong emphasis on utilizing environmentally-friendly equipment, materials and processes for quite some time. We don’t just talk-the-talk when it comes to being environmentally responsible so we’re always looking for new ways to enhance what we’ve already put in place and this DVD CD recycling program is a good example of our efforts to make a difference.”

Three Steps To Recycle Your Unwanted CDs and DVDs:


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Choose Precision Disc Manufacturing Corp. as your partner for factory-direct DVD CD replication manufacturing, DVD CD Duplication, along with eco-friendly print and packaging solutions. With our offices and manufacturing facility located in Surrey, BC (a suburb of Vancouver) we ship to clients throughout Canada and the U.S. daily.

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